Who we are:

We are a community of coaches, players, and volunteers that know the positive impact sports participation has on our youth and our community. Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for active play and promote unity through sports.

One World Athletics started because we love to play sports and travel. In our travels, we have met many awesome coaches doing amazing things, sometimes with little resources. So, we thought, how can we help? Being coaches and players, our closets fill up with sports equipment we no longer need and we started giving it where it would be of much greater use. Knowing many families in our area are in the same boat, with sporting goods serving no purpose other than taking up space, we started the equipment recycling service. Now, we collect equipment and distribute it to our friends overseas, deserving local organizations, and any player in need that we come across!


Over the past few years, we have had the privilege of working with many youth athletes locally and overseas. Every year, we take trips to distribute equipment, coach, and visit with the kids. The best trips are when our friends and family join us. It is such a great experience to be able to travel, do what we love, and share joy across different languages and cultures. When you step onto the field, or onto the court, you don’t have to speak the same language. The kids we meet are amazing and we want to help them to do nothing other than be a kid! Being able to participate in athletics has true value. It brings us together and we feel blessed in the opportunities we have had, the connections made, and the life lessons received because of our participation in sports. We invite you to help us give kids everywhere the same opportunity. Yes, we love to play sports and travel, but the best part by far, is the friends we have made and the smiles exchanged.


Thanks to our friends, family, and teammates in North Carolina for all of the help and equipment. Because of you, so many hardworking and deserving kids have the cleats, shinguards, balls, bats, and gloves they need to go out and play the sport they love everyday! Thank YOU for making them smile!


What we aim to do:

Facilitate opportunities for kids to participate in organized sports.

We run clinics, camps, and tournaments. Locally, our events are often times fundraisers. We strive to provide coaches, places to train, and fees to join a league in communities where kids may not have the opportunity to join a team.

Provide necessary equipment, clothing, shoes, and gear to kids who can otherwise not afford it.

We are a sports equipment recycling service that collects gently used sporting goods and distributes them to athletes in need, locally and around the world. We also provide coaches with the equipment needed to teach. For collection bin locations please visit our RECYCLE page.

Offer unique travel experiences that unite distant communities through sports.

​Sports are a common ground we share around the world. We offer opportunities for our local youth athletes to play and experience life in other places, make friends in other countries, and perform community service work alongside our overseas friends. We call it "impact travel" because of the impact it has on us.

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