Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for active play and promote positive change through sports.

Provide necessary equipment, clothing, shoes, and gear to kids who can otherwise not afford it.

We are a sports equipment recycling service that collects gently used sporting goods and distribute them to athletes in need, locally and around the world. For collection bin locations please visit our RECYCLE page.

Facilitate opportunities for kids to participate in organized sports.

Beyond providing gear, we run clinics, camps, and tournaments at little or no cost to participants. We seek to train coaches in communities where kids do not have the opportunity to join a league and give them the equipment needed to teach as well as funds for a place to train or to join a league.

Unite our communities through sports. 

​We offer opportunities for our local youth athletes to get involved in helping, both, their own community and communities far away. Our summer camps offer athletes the chance to experience "impact travel" by taking them abroad to learn, help, and play in another country.



We are a community of coaches, players, and volunteers that know the positive impact sports participation has on our youth and our community.  Join us in our mission!


One World Athletics started with our desire help those in underserved communities in a way that we could, by facilitating opportunities for them to play sports. As coaches and players ourselves, we have seen our closets fill up with all kinds of equipment that we were no longer using and knew it could be of much greater use to someone else. Knowing many families in our area are in the same boat, with sporting goods serving no purpose other than taking up space, we decided to start the equipment recycling service. We collect, connect, and distribute to organizations, families, and communities that can benefit, both locally and in other parts of the world. Being able to participate in athletics has true value. We feel privileged in the opportunities we have had, the friendships made, and the life lessons received because of our participation in sports and want to provide youth everywhere with the same chance. All of our events are focused on bringing together athletes of all backgrounds and are used as an avenue to promote recycling of athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment. We pledge to use our business for good and give children, both in our state and in every corner of the world, the opportunity to play.


Thanks to our friends, family, and teammates in North Carolina for all of the help and equipment! Because of you, we have been able to accomplish a lot over the past 2 years. Check out here what we have done: Outreach

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